Tidewater Red Cypress Log Homes
A log home should take care of you, you shouldn't have to constantly take care of it to prevent rot or termite infestation. Tidewater Red Cypress is Nature's Gift to log homeowners. There are 300-year old Tidewater Red Cypress log structures that have been immune to termite attack while adjoining timbers of other species were destroyed.
Tidewater Red Cypress is without a doubt, without a second thought, the most phenomenal wood in the world with which you can build a milled-log home. Think about this.. the Bible says that Noah's Ark was built from cypress.
Genesis 6:14 (NIV) So make yourself an ark of cypress wood; make rooms in it and coat it with pitch inside and out.
The true species is Tasodium distishum.  You ask, why is that so special? First and foremost, Tidewater Red Cypress is Nature's Gift to log homeowners. There are three types of cypress: Tidewater Red Cypress that is grown in the Coastal areas of the United States while the white and yellow cypress are grown on the inland plains and do not carry the same unique characteristics as the Tidewater Red Cypress. Tidewater Red Cypress is an oil-based wood, impregnated with cypressene, a natural preservative manufactured during the growth of Tidewater Red Cypress preventing the development of decay causing fungi. Cypressene oil is nontoxic to people and pets, but absolutely toxic to termites.
Why is this wood so excellent for building Log Homes?

- The logs are milled from the heartwood of the Tidewater Red Cypress trees. The grain is so tight because when it is growing, it is never without a supply of water.
- It does not settle or shrink any more than a 2x4 (or 6) framed house
- Tidewater Red Cypress log homes do NOT require cabinets mounted on sliders
- No extra space needed above doors, windows or sheetrock
- No jacks needed under the house for settling
- No chemicals EVER need to be applied to the wood to prevent rot or termite infestation
Taking all of this in mind, the true log home dreamer MUST KNOW that the second largest industry in regular, milled full-log homes built from other wood species is the maintenance. Logs of other species are replaced because of rot or termites. With the Tidewater Red Cypress, this does NOT happen, making this type of wood and log home practically maintenance free.